Battery Charging Time: Approx. 60min.

Battery Operating Time: Up to 90min.

Blade: Interchangeable blade sets

Cutting Length: 1.8mm

Operation: DC Brushless motor, 3,000/3,700 rpm/min.2 speeds

Cable: 4.2m professional round cable

Weight: 350g

• Brushless motor technology: Maximum cutting power through power transfer and reduced heat development. Longer service life and peak endurance values of over 10,000 hours.

• Two powerful velocity levels of 3000 and 3700 RPM developed for time-saving cutting and shearing of sensitive areas. Rounded casing facilitates an optimum hair flow and enhanced cutting speed.

• Minimum exertion and low joint stress. Confirmed by experts in ergonomics. Lightweight, slim styling and excellent weight distribution. Molds to suit user‘s hand, with slip-resistant grip for a secure hold and improved handling. Developed for intensive use in the salon.

• Perceptibly quiet. Uniform cutting performance in all

cases, thanks to speed control.

• Low-wear Ultimate Competition blade set “Made in USA”

• Blade set quick change system with button for easy blade

set changing and cleaning.

• Light, ultra-flexible mains cable, 4.2 m long for a greater radius of action. Particularly tough and flexible - verified through exibility test. Robust metal suspension ring for space-saving storage.

• Energy-saving switched-mode power supply with low voltage.


Kit includes:

MOSER Blade, cleaning brush, oil


WAHL Professional KMS Clipper KM10

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$346.80Sale Price