Expiry: Sept 20


- Ideal as a complete meal for your tropical finches.
- Packed with multi vitamins and minerals.

Yellow panicum   48  %, Yellow millet   33  %, Canary seed   8,5  %, Red panicum   6  %,  Red millet   3  %,  Niger seed   1,5  %  

Approximate Analysis: 
Crude protein   13  %  
crude fat   5  %  
Crude ash   6  %  
Crude fibre   6,5  %  

1 kg

Feeding Guideline:
Depending on the type and age of the bird the daily ration of seeds may differ greatly. For that reason give a generous portion in the beginning and you can then define the ideal daily ration after a while. Refresh the food and drinking water daily.

Versele-Laga Prestige Tropical Finches 1kg

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