Ticks are definitely tricky little critters. Sometimes even the Vets can’t find them! So we have come up with a way to trick the ticks that is suitable for both dogs and cats. There is some scientific evidence showing that ticks are repelled by chemical compounds in the Neem plant and Cape Rose Geranium essential oil. 


Tick Trickster Spraycontains Cape Rose Geranium in a base of Apple Cider Vinegar and Neem tincture and should be used daily in tick areas.  It can be applied prior to visiting tick locations and re-applied every 4 hours in high tick risk situations, or used together with our 'Too Slick for Ticks' coat conditioner and homeopathic 'Tick Resist' oral product.



The Natural Vets - Tick Trickster Repellent Spray 100ml