PawFlexTM is a disposable non adhesive fur friendly super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit.
PawFlexTM is hands down the quickest and easiest bandage system to use. PawFlexTM literally takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free bandage system.
Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event or you or your pet.
PawFlexTM cover designs currently available; PawFlexTM Medimitt and Medimitt cover; each ideally created for a specific wound care area, with sizes XS, S, M, L and XL to accommodate all dog breeds as well as cats, rabbits and other species.
Our company’s goal is to provide high quality affordable bandaging as well as solve the
problems that past bandaging systems have proven less than adequate in addressing for our furry friends.
PawFlexTM super stretch material flexes in all joint degrees and angles and moves gently and smoothly with your active dog. PawFlexTM is gentle and soft enough for the tiniest breed and strong and tough enough for the largest of breeds.

Product Highlights
1) Testing and Evolution
PawFlexTM has gone through rigorous testing and an evolution process to arrive at this point. Pawflex has proven itself to be alone in its class time in and time again, leaving wound care bandaging alternatives far behind in the running. PawFlex consistently comes out number one in being the most reliable and effective pet bandaging system in the Pet industry today.

2) Reliable and NonSlip
PawFlexTM unique non slip grip application assures minimal slippage.....even on the most active dogs. Specially designed to gently grip your dog’s fur without sticking or pulling fur.

3) Non adhesive
PawFlex TM non adhesive means absolutely NO fur pulling or skin ripping. Your dog will no longer obsess over licking and gnawing at his bandage and wound site do to the discomfort of adhesive painfully tugging on his fur or the alluring scent of adhesives.. ; making PawFlex bandages the most comfortable pet bandages on the market today. What is pain, stress and hassle free for your pet will immediately become pain, stress and hassle free for you and your family.

4) High Performance and Comfortable
PawFlex TM Super stretch fabric is soft and flexible allowing easy flowing movements
without restriction. Your dog will maintain full mobility while running and playing as well as total comfort while resting.

5) Unique Fastening System
PawFlexTM Double Catch VelcroRFastener allows for strong and secure hold with the ability to adjust and readjust tension with ease and speed for a perfect fit while never
compromising the bandages integrity.

6) Quick and Easy
PawFlexTM is hands down the quickest, gentlest and easiest bandage system to
use. PawFlex literally takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free and non-evasive bandage system. PawFlexTM can be adjusted and re adjusted or removed with such ease that it can be done while your pet is sleeping. Sometimes you just need to check on the wound but don’t want the nightmare of changing the entire bandage. PawFlex quick catch and release fastening system make this possible without compromising the security and integrity of the bandage; No cutting, pulling or peeling; No looking for the end of the wrap or tape; No unraveling, no fur pulling...just lift and release. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or your pet.

7) Breathable and water resistant
PawFlexTM Seals out germs and moisture while keeping air circulating. Lick proof: No matter how much your dog licks, PawFlex bandages will not saturate.

PawFlex: Medimitts & Medimitt Covers (3 Sizes)