ARC Series beds are made with our plant-derived, eco-friendly, toxin-free exclusive fibres. Perfect for animals in recovery, traveling, or crated for long periods of time. 

The ABSENCE of toxic textile treatments such as flame retardants and formaldehyde makes the ARC Series beds super safe for your pets and home. These chemicals expel gasses for the life of the product (off-gassing) which are bio-accumulative, meaning they store in the animals body fat, liver and brain. Long, constant exposure can be responsible for many health issues including seizures.

The beds are also made with the non-toxic Bionic Finish Eco Water Repellent application.

ARC Series - Agility • Recovery • Crate

36" - 89cm x 57cm + 7cm
42" - 104cm x 68cm + 7cm
48” - 118cm x 74cm + 7cm

Henry Hottie ARC Bed: Agility • Recovery • Crate