Designed for superior flight, our FlashFlight LED Dog Discuit is a soft-touch plastic flying disc made specifically for nighttime play with your disc-loving dog. It's illuminated by a super-efficient, long-lasting LED, so it glows brightly in the dark. The Dog Discuit is not only super fun, it's mouth friendly, bite durable, and has a canine-resistant cap that helps prevent dogs from chewing off the battery and LED housing. Available in our fun, colour-changing Disc-O LED, the Dog Discuit comes with two replaceable, long-life batteries, for endless seasons of fun under the stars.


Durable LED flying disc is great for nighttime play
Push button on/off
Water resistant - it floats!
Super fun Disc-O colour-changing lights
20-hour battery run time
Dog-safe battery cover
2 replaceable CR2016 3V lithium batteries included
209.55 x 209.55 x 23.58 mm / 8.25 x 8.25 x 0.93 in
126 g / 4.44 oz


NOTE This is not a chew toy. It is intended to be an exercise toy used in a supervised setting. Use with constant supervision. Do not leave unattended with the animal.

FlashFlight Dog Discuit Flying Disc Soft-Touch LED Frisbee Fetch Toy