"Bugsy's Approach

The Bugsy team comprises Vets, PhD Nutritionist and certified herbalist with Joanne Cooper at the helm. Together they are committed to the creation of all natural, healthy and sustainable products for your four legged family member.



Our treats are founded on Food Therapy, taking on the concept of “You are what you eat” and “Let food be thy medicine”. We incorporate ancient Eastern and Western healing philosophies along with a back to basics approach, we believe nutrition is the first line of defence against common diseases, cancer and other easily avoidable ailments in our pets. The result is a range of holistic functional treats that are specifically aimed at:

-Slowing down the process of ageing by fighting free radicals with super-antioxidants

-Combat environmental pollutants and toxins by detoxification

-Maintain optimum health providing anti-inflammatory support


Using only clean human grade Australian meats infused with Eastern Herbal formulations while consciously avoiding grains and starches, our panel of Vets and PhD nutritionists have ensured their formulations are the very best your pets can get. Whether it be health optimisation or wellness recovery, Bugsy’s treats will support your pet’s journey to better health."


Ingredients: Kangaroo Mince, Cordyceps (Freeze Dried Raw)

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom and is getting a lot of attention in the holistic veterinary community - for good reason! In ancient times, it was reserved for the exclusive use by Royalty only. It is now being more widely cultivated and Bugsy's has been using it as a Superfood Pet Treat ingredient for years!

This extremely prized herb is well known for its anti-Cancer and anti-Tumor properties, making it a go-to herb when your pet is diagnosed with Cancer.

For the healthy pet, it can improve respiratory health by increasing blood oxygen absorption. It can also promote heart and liver function and boost the immune system. Cordy Kang is a great addition to a healthy & active dog's diet!

Suitable for age 5+

Highly recommended for health maintenance, especially for active or senior pets. 


Product Highlights:

  • Freeze Dried, jam packed with flavour and breaks apart easily
  • Suitable for the weight watcher
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Increases blood oxygen
  • Good immunity boost
  • Lung and Kidney tonic (TCM)
  • Known to have Cancer fighting properties


Nutritional Analysis:

Protein: 67.8%

Fat: 10.9%

Crude Fibre: 0.5%

Bugsy's-Cordy Kang: Kangaroo with Cordyceps Pet Treat 70g